About a week ago I came down with a cold, which started with a scratchy, raw throat. That disappeared within 24 hours, only to be greeted by a fever and body aches. I felt miserable! The fever lasted 4 days, and when it finally broke I was exhausted, but relieved.

Since then, I have developed a nagging and highly bothersome cough. I don’t like taking cough syrup, so I became interested in other ways to relieve my cough. With a bit of research I discovered that there is some evidence that honey may be effective as a cough suppressant. Now, most of these studies have been done on children over the age of 2. Note: It is not recommended to give honey to children under 2 due to the risk of botulism.

Despite the child-related studies, and my obviously adult body, I decided to try this honey experiment. So I ran to my kitchen and grabbed out my container of fresh Lithuanian honey. My husband’s mother’s husband’s mother (that’s a mouthful!) has bee hives on her property. These bees happily feed on the flowers around their garden, helping to pollinate the organic fruits and vegetables.

So I grabbed a spoonful of my happy-bee honey, and licked it straight off the spoon. About 15 minutes after I had the last lick of the nectarous honey, I noticed my coughing fit seemed to subside some. Is it in my head? Maybe! Still, try this for yourself next time you are plagued by a relentless cough. Let me know how it works!