Who are we?

My name is Tatjana and Robert is my husband and co-founder of this website. We are both nurses and come from a family saturated with doctors. Our experiences have shown us that there is much more going on than we understand. It seems these days that everyone either has, or knows someone who has, gastrointestinal problems. It’s not always talked about, but working as health professionals has shown us that it is much more pervasive of a problem in our society than one might imagine.

Rob and Tatjana

Robert and Tatjana in Key West, Florida

Robert’s mother is an MD and dietitian who was quickly burnt out on the health care system. She ended up leaving the country in search of a less stressful life and better food. She has treated many people with issues related to our nutrition in America, and with her guidance and education, we found there is still a lot to learn regarding nutrition today.

We love to travel in our spare time. Seeing the world from the perspective of another culture is eye opening. In terms of food, America is vastly different in what we eat on a daily basis. We enjoy comparing these differences as well as questioning why they eat the way they do. 


Annecy, France

We will cover three main topics on our site; information on ingredients in our food, recipes everyone can benefit from, and tips and tricks to eating an alternative diet. 

Follow us, as this is a learning process and we will continue to update you with what we learn. We are unbiased! This is not just another food fad!

Robert and Tatjana in Lithuania

Robert and Tatjana in Lithuania

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland